The Magna Carta, in 1297, was written with it, Van Gogh drew with it, Da Vinci jotted notes with it, Bach composed with it. As for Hemmingway, he just drank it.
From the Middle Ages to the 19th century, wine was one of the key ingredients in the common writing ink pen. Wine made the coloring agents in ink more stable and was considered a purer solvent than water.
That tidbit of history was the name's inspiration, but it's the boundary breakers and curiosity seekers that inspire the wine. Angels Ink is about expressing creativity in every glass.
Brand Strategy, Story, Packaging
Industry: Wine
The Opportunity
Develop a unique private label offering for a chain of Fine Food & Wine grocery stores.
My Role
Creative Direction, Brand Story Development, Illustration & Design
Key Contributions
Hosted design thinking workshops with key strategic partners to unearth consumer insights.
I turned the initial "No" from the buyer into a yes by re-imagining the brief based on consumer and buyer feedback.
100% of targeted shipments shipped within the first year.
With the success of the Hats Off launch, I was able to deliver a second label offering with a third in creative development.
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